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The Page 1 Podcast

Nov 1, 2019

What you’ll learn:

What’s the point in investing in IP? Tina Loza joins us on The Page 1 Podcast to talk about why brands can leverage Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents to add value to their business. She also walks us through how to handle a Cease and Desist Letter and gives us a breakdown of Amazon’s new IP Accelerator.      


About our guest:

Tina Loza founded and manages Loza & Loza LLP, an intellectual property law firm with almost 40 IP attorneys and an amazing staff located nationwide. She works with clients on creating a branding strategy and having a strong portfolio of trademarks that add value to their businesses. Her firm, Loza & Loza, just became one of 10 trusted law firms to partner with Amazon IP Accelerator and provide quality service to brands securing a trademark. 


Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Trademark vs Copyright vs Patent: which one is best for your business? – 2:57
  • How IP assets will increase the value of any business – 7:43
  • Should and how do you design for a Patent? – 11:07
  • A breakdown of the patent approval process (also known as nonobvious) – 12:43
  • Steps to handle a Cease and Desist Letter – 14:18
  • Loza & Loza’s unique law firm structure is challenging the way firms work – 18:10
  • What is Amazon’s IP Accelerator? – 26:14
  • Who needs Amazon IP Accelerator? – 32:30
  • What was Loza & Loza’s biggest win this year? – 33:44
  • How a company comes together in a virtual environment – 35:13
  • An actionable step for creating value with IP – 38:33


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